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Friends Only

This is Jade. This is Jade's brain on crack!fic. Make Jade happy. Write more crack!fic. This journal is friends only, except for the fics (however few and far between they are) and the idle memes and quizzes. If you'd like to friend Jade, comment here. This makes her happy too. Just like Jensen and Jared. Smeckles and Paddywhack. She loves them like a crack whore loves the burning crackling of their lungs after a much needed fix. Really. They are CRACK.

Which Supernatural Character Are You?

Which Supernatural Character Are You?

You're Sam! Smart, kind, and all-around good guy. You care about people and you always try to do the right thing. But there's more to you than meets the eye -- if someone gets on your bad side, they better watch out.
Take this quiz!



So my muse has finally kicked herself into gear, and I'm in desperate need of a beta.  I know that not a lot of people have me friended to actually see this, but if there's anyone that has some spare time and wouldn't mind a beta job for a J² fic, I'd be EVER so thankful.  Like, I'd give you my unborn child.  Or Jared's candy straight from his mouth.  Anything.  Pwease?  *bats HUGE puppy eyes and smiles*



So this is my um.. collection of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles videos over on YouTube. *wipes her mouth* Yeah.


Personality Quiz

So like.. I forgot where I found this but it sounded like something interesting to do so here you go. A pretty thorough personality quiz.Collapse )


SN Episodes Meme

I am SO coming back to do this after I watch the episodes again next week.  Hell House is at the top of the list though, the Pilot, Bloody Mary, Benders, aw dayum.. I like em all so much.

List the first-season SPN episodes in order of preference and name the one thing about each you like most.

- Pilot
- Wendigo
- Dead in the Water
- Phantom Traveler
- Bloody Mary
- Skin
- Hook Man
- Bugs
- Home
- Asylum
- Scarecrow
- Faith
- Route 666
- Nightmare
- The Benders
- Shadow
- Hell House
- Something Wicked
- Provenance
- Dead Man's Blood
- Salvation
- Devil's Trap


Sex Knowledge?



And the prophet said..

"You humming Metallica?"
"It calms me down!"

When you see this, post a quote from Supernatural in your Livejournal. Pass it on.


Tightening the Bonds

Title: Tightening the Bonds Pt 1
Author: Jade
Words: approximately 1370
Rating: Adult
Characters/Pairing: Dean/Sam
Genre: incest slash
Warnings/Spoilers: No real spoilers for the series.
Notes: This is my first wincest, hell, my first shot at a SN fanfic other than the writing that goes on in RPG. Feedback greatly appreciated, and my apologies beforehand if there are any grammar or spelling errors. No beta tester so the editing was my own. TBC, I swear.

The bond would be cinched tighter, drawing them closer together, and maybe, just maybe..Collapse )


And since I was such an idiot when I first posted this and I posted it separately to two communities, crossposted here and here. More comments there.


How Wretched I Feel

How wretched I feel when everything starts changing
The flowers blooming, the leaves awakening, the animals coming out of hibernation
How wretched I feel when new things are coming alive and I am just the same

But am I just the same?
Or have I blossomed on the inside, going from child to adult, maturing in ways that no one but myself can see?

Or have I grown at all?
Is this all a charade?
Or am I still playing my old game of being who I'm not?

Am I the one sitting before this paper?
Or am I the paper itself?

How wretched I feel when everything starts changing and for me the world is standing still
Relationships becoming more complex

How I yearn to know if all I dream will remain that
Just a dreamless sleep of people growing old
As I look through this book that is my life

Or is my life still developing in that space that is my mind?

How wretched I feel to see that I have not yet blossomed into the woman that I will someday become

Is that her I see standing in the doorway to the future?
Goddess, she's beautiful
Those eyes, those lips, such pretty highlights in her hair
Wait a minute, that's how I look now
And that must be a mirror she's standing in

I can no longer say to myself how wretched I feel
For I am myself
I am beautiful with all the powers of a woman