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5 August
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Let's see. About me. Do you really want to know about me? Probably not, but here goes. I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. Moved to Belle Fourche, SD in 1995. That was... to say the least, a complete culture shock. In 2001 I married and moved to Lafayette, LA. Then... *sighs* in 2002 my husband re-enlisted in the Army and we wound up stationed at Ft. Bragg in NC. Lucky me, huh? I'd rather be back in Cajun Country.

Married to a wonderful guy though, and dating an incredible woman. Majorly in love with both. Currently unemployed. I'm heavily into music, just about all genres minus rap and twangy country. Alright, so not much for classical usually, or jazz unless it's live. :P I'm a GM for an online ffrp (game master for a free form role play) and usually spend my time doing that, when I'm not having to take care of r/l. Into D&D, VtM, and various other rpg's.

I love all things dark and decadent. I'm addicted to fear. I'm an adrenaline/endorphin junky. I love the feel of emotions coursing through me.

So I'm a smart ass. What else is new? This is me, for better or worse. Take it or leave it. C'mon.. you know you wanna take it. But what IS "it" you ask? You'll just have to come find out. Ok ok, so I'm a flirt and a tease too. ;)

Can you tell I also like to ramble? Yup. Ending this before I write an entire novel.

Did we mention that I was jaded and generally insane? Yup...

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